KYC & AML – Fraud Prevention

Including: Fraud Prevention, transaction monitoring, user dashboard management — all at your fingertips

State of the art tech for a safer financial world

Vasu uses the latest technology to on-board new customers in a fast and efficient manner while managing the risks, so you don’t have to. We offer KYC & AML as well as fraud prevention with transaction monitoring and investigating- all as a service. This means you don’t have to grow your Compliance department but can rely on our tech & team to get the job done in a cost-effective manner.


See all your customers KYC and AML status from an easy to understand dashboard, 24/7/365. Backed by real people to help make the onboarding and compliance process as efficient as possible, you benefit from our scale and expertice. We keep up to date on the latest technology and global policies so you don’t have to. Our transaction monitoring and investigation is driven by sophisticated comprehensive technology, but our dedicated Compliance team is at the heart of everything.

Fraud and Transaction Monitoring


Able to provide our merchants with real-time alerts regarding suspicious transaction.


Comprehensive monitoring by collaborating with third party solutions and combining them with proprietary tools we have developed.


Defining Risk Profile and Risk scoring system.


Proactive Risk Management and real time alerts and monitoring.


Helps our merchants recognize unusual or sudden changes in your customer activity.


Protection of brand and image, boosting confidence and loyalty.


Avoid high-value fines for poor performance on fraud and chargebacks from Card Scheme Compliance.


Protects merchants and the integrity of their payment systems.

Your benefits


Bundled into one contract, easy to understand and transparent costs.


Can integrate into your current KYC & AML procedures and databases so you don't have 'pay twice' when adding new products and services.


We take all the transactional monitoring responsibility.


Low costs, as we operate at scale- you only pay for what you use.


We work with the best partners around the world, so you can expand fast and efficiently globally.


You don't have to add any new staff even as your business grows, we scale on our side.

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