A New Breed of Payment Organization

VASU strives to bridge financial infrastructures, advance emerging markets, provide transparency, increase security, reduce costs and speed up global value transfers for all

Our services support streamlined globally regulated and fully compliant financial technology solutions to centralized AND decentralized communities

Bespoke Payment Solutions

Vasu International Payment Solutions Inc. is the core member of a conglomerate of international payment organizations collectively and collaboratively offering a diverse array of global payment products, services, and solutions.

Our enterprise companies together represent a substantial licensed global network ecosystem of issuers, acquirers, remitters, PSP, ISO, and Cryptocurrency organizations around the World with internal group offices and operations in the Philippines, Australia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Dubai, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

Our own proprietary payment gateways offer flexible payment processing options, advanced fraud protection, and comprehensive reporting while providing our clients with the truly seamless and secure experience of direct unfettered access to a customized worldwide financial ecosystem.

Why Us?

Complete Global Infrastructure

Digitization – globalization – the underbanked and the emerging – the established and the traditional

We provide a network of worldwide borderless limitless transactions through interoperability of a plethora of international payment channels and solutions

Navigating Regulations

Focus on developing your core business

We deal with the complexities of local markets

Clear Transparent Communications

24/7/365 Global Customer Support

With customer service and transactional support services offered 24/7/365, we always ensure our clients and partners have answers whenever they need them

Emerging Market Specialists


Recognized leaders and innovators in ASIA,we have springboarded this experience to expand internationally

Simplicity and Speed

Gateways offering SINGLE API integrations

Direct in house connection to hundreds of APM’s, global credit card acquiring, cryptocurrency buying and selling and a licensed OTC desk

In-house Technology Expertise

All of our payment gateway technology was developed, managed and operated by our own team of developers

Greater control, streamlined oversight and superior technical response times are assured as the payment gateway technology suite we offer is our own

Our Team



President & CEO

Christopher Aldaba is a highly recognizable and respected global FINTECH professional with nearly two decades of international experience. His worldwide network of clients and organizations in the FINTECH and banking sectors, covers Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. In such geographies he has been personally responsible for oversight and successful receipt of over 20 different regulated payment license categories covering EMI, Virtual Currency, and Global Remittance, while further securing card issuing and acquiring approvals in the Philippines and Singapore with the Card Schemes (of Visa, MasterCard and China Union Pay).


Director & CBDO

With over 10 years of work experience spent primarily in S.E. Asia, she has been the spearhead and driving force behind strategic global business development relationship engagement and merchant outreach initiatives. She is certified in ‘Fintech Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services’ from the National University Business School in Singapore, and her direct experience provides her with knowledge of worldwide license and regulatory requirements that govern international and cross-border payment transactions. In 2024, she was named in India as a “Women Leader in Finance in Asia” and recognized as a “Stellar CXO Award” recipient for Marketing prowess in the Philippines.

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Supporting Inclusion and Sponsorship of Women and Youth around the World

Celebrating International Women’s Day plunges us into the heart of stories from Asia’s women leaders. It’s not just about their wins and challenges—it’s about lighting the way for equality. We don’t just clap for their achievements once a year. No, we soak in their wisdom and let it guide us every single day. We’re talking about amplifying their voices, lifting up the pearls of wisdom they drop along the way. They’re the ones leading the charge, showing us what real courage looks like. We learn more about the art of carving out spaces where women are encouraged to soar, to reinvent, and to flourish, beyond the limits of their starting points. As we celebrate these women, we’re also pledging to break the molds, to lead the change, and to craft a tomorrow that honors their legacy.

VASU voraciously supports all Women across the Globe that strive everyday for excellence and absolute equality – VASU is extremely proud to be the Official Platinum Sponsor of the Streetball FC Women’s Team competing in the $1M USD Winner-take-all TST7V7 as Women make their June 2024 inaugural debut at this international tournament in North Carolina.

This year the Canadian based Streetball FC team roster boasts 2 Philippines Women’s National Team members that will play integral roles on the squad – JACLYN SAWICKI and SARINA BOLDEN – not only is VASU ecstatic to be able to support this entire team of incredible Women athletes, we are particularly honored to be able to get behind two of the finest Women’s players the Philippines has ever known – the wonderful country that we at the Worldwide HQ of Vasu are proud to call home.

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