Global Money Transfer

Send and Receive Top currencies at inter-bank rates

Inter-Bank Rates, Instant Settlement, FX

Send and receive foreign currencies OTC or digitally Worldwide. All AML/KYC completed in our streamlined technology infrastructure with transactions approved by a fully compliant jurisdictionally regulated approved entity. Close to inter-Bank rate, instant settlement. Corporate accounts also available for large, global FX transfers on a one-off, or on a regular basis for corporate expenditures, paying/receiving funds from your global suppliers and customers.


Easy to integrate into any mobile app or as a stand alone, white label branded product. Secure transactions via our blockchain based platform ‘back end’. Offering some of the best FX rates- close to interbank rates. Send digital and fiat currency to anyone in your contact list instantly.

For corporate accounts, you shall have access to a dashboard to initiate and receive FX for top global currency sets in a fast, secure, and efficient way.

Your benefits


Fast and secure- almost instant settlement.


Close to interbank rates- you can charge your users a flat or variable fee.


You users will virally spread you app to anyone they send funds to - who wouldn't install your app to accept a payment?


Stand alone product or API integration into your existing apps.


Text version for simple, viral spreading of your app by your users.


Corporate accounts available for one off and regular FX transfers.


All rates are published on your dashboard, so you know exactly what the spreads and costs are.

Start building your FinTech services today!

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