A New Breed of Payment Organization

VASU strives to bridge financial infrastructures, advance emerging markets, provide transparency, increase security, reduce costs and speed up global value transfers for all

We aspire to provide streamlined globally regulated, fully compliant financial technology solutions to centralized AND decentralized communities

The Symbiosis of a Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 Worldwide Ecosystem Infrastructure

VASU provides direct payment solutions for all forms of traditional or digital transactions, conventional or “open” banking services, international enterprise partnerships, and/or Metaverse next generation financial channel requirements to ensure we provide to our clients a proverbial and truly complete “one stop shop”


Numerous traditional financial institutions and many modern fintech companies lack experience in emerging markets and the ability to manage scaled customer onboarding and risk management to cover the entirety of the global marketplace

VASU – with fintech industry veterans and innovators behind the wheel, the VASU Global Network Ecosystem has been built from the ground up with a laser-focus towards securing and maintaining the necessary suite of globally licensed, regulated compliant tools, systems and universal API solutions to ensure we deliver our clients the most cutting-edge technology payment solution technologies of tomorrow – TODAY


How Does VASU Do It?

VASU Licensed & Regulated FINTECH Holdings


Vasu International Payment Solutions Inc. (“VASU”), is the holder of an Operator of a Payment System (“OPS”) Registration in the Philippines, governed under the purview of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (the“BSP”)


VASU controlled (indirect), Vasu Australia PTY LTD, is the holder of an Electronic Funds Transfer, Foreign Exchange, and Digital Currency Exchange Service Provider license with AUSTRAC


VASU controlled (indirect), UAB Sonla, is the holder of an Operator of a depository virtual currency wallet, and Virtual Currency Exchange Operator license with Regitru Centras Lithuania


Direct Ownership of a Level 1 PCI Certified Payment Gateway infrastructure for credit/debit cards and APM’s


API integration and operational tie-ups with hundreds of payment options globally – Credit/debit cards, crypto/NFT’s, e-wallets, bank accounts and e-payment vouchers


The exclusive Payment Service Provider to a Philippine Bank with intellectual property trademark rights to the branding ‘METAVERSE FINANCIAL’ w/ URL: metaverse.bank /(ONLY direct ‘Metaverse’ association to such .bank URL in the World)


PCI Certified International/multi-currency prepaid card issuing platform; VISA, MasterCard, China Union Pay for both virtual and physical cards


eWallet/mWallet technology deployment capabilities, w/ SWIFT and IBAN account creation features


‘Banking as a Service’ – allows anyone in the world to open up a crypto-friendly US based bank account and buy/sell/trade crypto


Strategic partnership(s) with regulated cryptocurrency licensed entities in the Philippines (buying, selling, asset management)

VASU offers specific global industry enterprises the option to white-label or co-brand all or part of the VASU ecosystem, from the entire platform to cards and NFC peripherals

Our Team


Since 2020, our Founders have worked together to establish, secure and streamline the infrastructure and strategic business relationships to now effectively and immediately execute our business model. Each Founder has invested vast time, technical and/or personal capital resources to the overall enterprise development cycle.

Chris Aldaba

Chris Aldaba

President & CEO


Christopher Aldaba is a Blockchain Council Certified FINTECH professional with over 17 years of global experience. His worldwide network of clients and organizations in the FINTECH and banking sectors, covers Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. In such geographies he has been personally responsible for oversight and successful receipt of over 20 different regulated payment license categories covering EMI, Virtual Currency, and Global Remittance, while further securing card issuing and acquiring approvals in the Philippines and Singapore with the Card Schemes (of Visa, MasterCard and China Union Pay).

Kiran Sharma

Kiran Sharma

Founder & CMO


With over 10 years of work experience spent primarily in S.E. Asia, as a founder she has spearheaded and driven strategic global business development relationships and merchant outreach. She is certified in ‘Fintech Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services’ from the National University Business School in Singapore. She possesses a strong network of individual and corporate clientele in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and throughout the EU.

Seamless Merchant Experience Across Countries and Channels

One Integration

One Relationship

Global Payment Gateway

Global Card Issuing or Card Management System

Traditional Card and Alternative Payment Options

Enhanced and Simplified Reconciliation

Integrated and Comprehensive FX Solutions

***Services and solutions offered through Vasu International Payment Solutions Inc. (Philippines), and/or Vasu Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia), are subject to business approval, geographical availability, and regulatory authorization, and there is no guarantee that the product will become available in a specific timeframe, or to a specific customer group or geography. You should carefully conduct your own investigations and analyses in connection with any participation with the services and solutions, including your objectives, risk factors, fees, and expenses and the information set forth in these materials. All prospective users of the services and solutions described herein are advised to consult with their legal, accounting and tax advisers regarding any potential participation. Services and solutions are subject to change pending availability, regulatory approval, and market conditions. Additional information is available upon request.